Cloud Computing

AITSupport offer a range of Cloud services as follows, plus the benefits:

Anti Virus/Anti Spam:

  • Helps you reclaim productivity and bandwidth.
  • No maintenance required as all patches and updates are carried out without your intervention.
  • Spam quarantine managed by end users.
  • 99% or better spam blocking.

Hosted Exchange:

  • Low startup investment.
  • Financial predictability, charged a monthly fee so can prepare your budget with more accuracy.
  • Completely managed service. This absolves you from the responsibilities of monitoring security, uptime, server resource usage, and software upgrades.
  • No outside commitments, no need to hire additional staff to manage your Exchange services.

Hosted Sharepoint:

  • Initial costs are minimal. No need to purchase hardware or software; no need for added IT personnel. Ongoing fees are low, predictable and easy to budget.
  • No dedicated IT resources required. User maintenance and portal configurations can be performed by a non-technical person. All system management is performed by the provider.
  • Get started in minutes with shared environment, a few days more for a dedicated solution using your own domain and SSL.
  • Quality of service is guaranteed by SLA and 24x7 system monitoring.

Email Continuity:

  • No need to invest in new hardware or software
  • Continuity is automatic and immediate, requiring no action from the IT team when the outage occurs
  • Peace of mind: Even in the event of an outage, pressures to solve the problem are reduced since an interim solution is in place; this reduces the risk of errors during the recovery process.
  • No emails are lost.

Off site backup:

  • Storing backup data offsite is a secure, simple and affordable alternative to a traditional tape backup solution.
  • A minimal setup fee and monthly payment (cost depending on amount of data being backed up).
  • All back up data is encrypted.
  • Easy to set up and highly scalable

For costings on our full range of Cloud computing packages, please ring us on 0208 642 5888.

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